WP8.1取得Bluetooth 4.0支持 将实现WP8.1语音助手功能

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据外媒消息称,WP8.1手机取得Bluetooth 4.0(蓝牙4.0)支持,Windows Phone 8.1将于2014年4月落实,而且在系统正式发布之前,一定还有数个版本泄露。该协议支持蓝牙语言识别功能,将能够实现传闻已久的WP8.1语音助手功能。

WP8.1取得Bluetooth 4.0支持 将实现WP8.1语音助手功能

WP8.1取得Bluetooth4.0支持 实现WP8.1语音助手功能

微软为windows phone 8.1取得Bluetooth SIG 认证,现在,系统已经获得 Bluetooth 4.0支持。目前的传闻表明,Windows Phone 8.1将于2014年4月落实,而且在系统正式发布之前,一定还有数个版本泄露。

外媒WMPoweruser消息,微软为WP8.1系统取得Bluetooth 4.0支持。目前的认证不包括Bluetooth 4.0临近协议,希望这并不代表不支持。特别需要说明的是,该协议支持蓝牙语言识别功能,将能够实现传闻已久的WP8.1语音助手功能。



I guess Windows Phone 8.1 actually exists after all. Microsoft has just achieved Bluetooth SIG certification for the OS, which is now officially Bluetooth 4.0-capable.

The certification does not include the usual Bluetooth 4.0 proximity protocols, but hopefully this is not an indication that these will not be supported. Also of note is that the protocol will support activating Voice Recognition over Bluetooth, presumably to trigger that brand-new voice assistant we have all been hearing about.

Current rumours suggest we will be seeing Windows Phone 8.1 announced in April 2014, and we will likely see an avalanche of leaks in the run-up to its release.

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